David Behar

David Behar Lombrozo

User Experience & Product Development

Focusing on your consumer is not the only way to do business, but it is the most efficient way…

I’ve learned It the hard way.

Hello, I am David Behar and I’m an interactive designer who believes that education and experiences are going to change the world, to avoid people go through my personal mistakes I became a UX and business development consultant.

Currently, together with my partner Mago Jiménez, I am focused on user research and user experience design, as well as giving agile methodologies and professional growth courses.

I have worked in the software development industry since 2010, since then I’ve helped many small technology companies to create digital products and help them to grow, I have collaborated in education projects such as Platzi, Incubadora Integral Empresarial Naucalpan Emprende, ADN Emprendedor Conferences (Entrepreneurial DNA) and community leader in Mexico Technology & Education Meetup.

For the past 3 years I have focused on creating good user experiences, designing new products and improving products in the market, but it has not always been that way, in the past I was a simple programmer and project manager who focused on converting the dreams of my clients to reallity, but it turns out that their dreams were not always focused on the user’s reality.