Hi, I’m David and I want to create the career I should have studied. I want to form the next generation of interactive designers.

I studied the best discipline in the world, interactive design. Sounds great, and it’s even greater, the design of human interactions & user-focused interfaces. So studying interactive design should be a super experience, right?

Well … The intentions were good. Teachers in their classes wanting to teach everything they know. And there begins the problem.

They tried to teach me what they knew, but where had they learned their knowledge? When? How long would that knowledge be valid?

The answer as you can imagine was not quite great, when leaving the university I was an expert in Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects (yes, they liked Adobe), Maya and other interesting softwares, but what happened to the interactive design, At any chance I’ve learned to know my users to be able to design what they needed?

Sadly no, they didn’t teach me to investigate the users of my systems then I realized… If people want to study the most innovative career in the world. We cannot teach solutions but skills.

The future is going to be different, if we want to survive and be successful we need to be ahead, and for that it is vital to learn to solve problems. The first thing is that teachers should have experience in the real world and be willing to learn more than students.

Having curious teachers, classes need to be transformed into workshops and professors into consultants so that “REAL” projects will be created at school, in addition to work as a portfolio. So students could have their first company, if they generate money from their work (similar to the real world).

Nowadays it is practically impossible for universities in Mexico to use this type of methodologies and that’s why every time companies like EscuelaDeInternet or Platzi are supplying that education, and I am sure that one day in Mexico I will receive the first generation of real interactive designers who solve problems.